Here at Rockford we believe in investing back into local business’s and to help rebuild the economy.

We have provided services to many small businesses in their hopes of creating a sense of community once again.
Throughout the commercial sector we have worked along some of the giants within the sector, we have also provided our services for clients who are starting new business and we take pride in helping to create a comfortable and modern shopping environment with a sense of warmth.

 which will hopefully enable the public to move away from online shopping, get back into the towns and cities which in term will help in producing more jobs and helping the United Kingdom’s Economy.

Commercial Sector

Battery Rollout

ITAB Group

Fresh Produce

We were very proud to be introduced to Asda via Itab in 2012, it was great to be involved in a small area of there marketing by updating Asda's existing battery stand units throughout there U.K stores to help provide a more customer convient way of shopping.
​ITAB Shop Concept sells, develops, manufactures and installs complete shop fitting concepts for retail chain stores. The all-inclusive offer includes custom-made fitting concepts, innovative solutions for checkout arena and professional lighting systems. ITAB is the market leader at checkout to retailers in Europe, and one of Europe's largest supplier of shop fitting concepts and lighting systems.
Morrisons won the fresh produce of the year awards in 2012. It was great to be a part of morrisons success in a great achievement, we were involved with the installation of there new cooled air fresh fruit and vegtable stands throught morrisons stores withing the U.K

Shop Fitting

From manufacture to install we maintain the highest of standerds, keeping our service the best it can possibly be.
Working on many projects throught the United Kindgom we have achieved great goals in producing beautiful bespoke pieces of furntiure to exceptional quality and within short time periods.


 Our team are dedicated in providing beautiful bespoke hand crafted pieces of furniture, which give us the ability to guarantee our clients not only will they receive the products they requested.
They will receive them in a timely fashion and to a standard they themselves did not believe was achievable.