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Equestrian Accesories
Rockford supplies an extensive range of stable accessories from feed bins to overhead wash booms. We source, design and manufacture quality components to meet the needs of our customers. 
Quality imported feed bins, waterers and hardware form the backbone of our range and complement our in house designed and manufactured products.
 JFC of Irelands range of stable feed bins, waterers and paddock feeders are both safe and durable as well as adding that final touch to any stable complex or property. As always, all products from Rockford are designed and selected as the best and safest of their type.
Most products in the range can either be customised or redesigned to suit your particular requirements.

Jump Pole Sets

Haye Feeders

Rubber Matting

Water Feeding Systems

Feed Containers

Wash Bay Areas

Jump Courses

And Much More.....


Our poles are guaranteed to last longer. They are made with superior softwood, colourants and fabrication techniques we believe you will not find a better quality softwood pole on the market with the appearance of a traditional hardwood pole but without the risk of injuring your beloved equine pets.

That is why we are happy to give you a 3 year guarantee on all our poles. 

The strength in our poles does not come from the wood inside but from the superior treatments and fusion technology used. This makes our poles virtually unbreakable. We are therefore able to offer all weights of pole from super heavy Affiliated Poles to hollow lightweight Practice Poles in different bands of colour as well as single colour.

We use specially formulated wood treatment and colourant's which are all UV protected to the highest levels so the colours will not fade and the softwood will not degrade.

Please Note: The Competition, Affiliated & Super Heavy Poles may vary in weights as the wood is not 100% consistent.

Our poles come in 4 different weights and 4 different length, please see more information for the exact sizes and weights. 

3mtr is the standard length so please be aware when you purchase the smaller length poles.
Strong, durable, vibrant and low maintenance

....Made To Measure
A truly presentable small to medium stable for your farm or holiday block. It offers a pleasant and roomy light-filled atmosphere for safe keeping of your mount. All Western Red Cedar wall cladding with hardwood "Anti Kick" linings provides the most comfortable environment for your valuable horse or show pony. The clearspan roof design provides maximum headroom for spirited horses. These stables can be anchored onto an existing concrete slab or prepared strip footings if an earth floor is preferred. Hayshelters for one or both sides and a sturdy secure tack room extension on the rear can be supplied if required.
  1. Classic 2 Tier Stable
  1. Classic 2 Tier Stable
From conception to completion Rockford Manufacturing Ltd has the ability and resources to cover all aspects of the process, planning, design, pre-fabrication and construction.

We design and build our products to suit your individual wants and needs. We guarantee our products will be the best of their type available, that’s why all our products come with a long warranty and many cases a lifetime warranty.

Companies don’t offer this type of warranty unless they are confident in their products. Our confidence is your piece of mind.

The Capri Range

We are the proud manufacturers of a new product within the Capri Range !

       Capri 8"
       Capri 4"

The Capri Grooming tool for Horses works to remove the loose undercoat, matts dead hair and dirt from your horses coat, leaving it soft and glossy and dirt free. The fine tooth blade works to remove the loose hairs. This product is durable and easy to keep clean.

The wooden grip allows for a strong, comfortable hold.
The Capri 8" can be used while bathing your pet.
The Capri Grooming Tool is designed for breeds with double or thick coats, and those that shed large amounts

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